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Do not display icon associated with file

OK wizards... Long time no post, but I have a challenge
for you. My ultimate goal is to code an on/off program
to do this, but I need a starting point.

How do I prevent XP from displaying the icons associated
with files in Windows Explorer? I don't mind if it displays
a generic icon like it does for unassociated files, but I don't
want it to "repaint" a list of files with the associated program's

If it's easier, I only want to do this for a specific file type.

Disassociating and re-associating the file seems like overkill.

Well... I have a problem with conflicting apps, so rather
than having and "advanced" button that would lead me
to the "change icon" button, I have a "restore" button.

But... Do you know where I can find the generic windows
file icon, assuming I can find a way around the aforementioned

Or is there a way to prevent the icons from displaying in
the first place?

Great sig picture by the way....
OK... I'll see if it changing it to the generic icon works.

The problem is a slow network folder with a ton of
files in it that is VERY slow to respond while XP refreshes
the icons from the generic icon to the icon of the
associated program.

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