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Do I need to update my BIOS



Hi everyone, I am constantly getting a missing HAL.DLL error upon booting up. I am able to fix it through the repair console, however, the problem persists upon rebooting. MS support has given me many possible fixes, yet none have worked. The latest thing they told me is that I might need to update my BIOS. I have a SOYO sy-k7vta-b and I was wondering how I know if i have the latest version... i dont want to go messing things up further.

Any help would be apreciated.

are you still getting missing hal.dll after you do a clean install? if you haven't done one yet you might want to try it so that you can start fresh


I think I might have to do that soon... the only question is... what do I do with all my files which I want to keep?
gotta find a place to backem up too...try switching the channel of the burner first see if that helps and disconnect your regular cd-rom if you have one and make it just the burner and the HD
If you've never updated your bios, then I'd guess it's the original version from the factory. Go here: http://www.soyo.com.tw/ - click on the 'download' link at the top of the page - select the options shown in the attachment. On the next page that comes up, scroll down to the 'K7VTA-B BIOS files' section and download the file 'kvtb2aa4.bin.' That's the most recent for your board. On that page you'll be able to look up flashing instructions also. Be sure to read everything thoroughly and understand the process before you attempt it... you mess up flashing your bios and you could kill your board. It's not a dificult process, just follow the instructions.

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