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DNS server on OS X Server 10.4.3 (BIND 9.2.2)

I'm setting up a DNS server in OS X Server 10.4.3 (BIND 9.2.2). It's an internal DNS server to look up computers on a private IP range. There's this very nice gui for it, but it's rather limited to be honest. I've set up the first domain and it's working (let's call it dom1.com). The domain has about 10 machines, some with several CNAME records.

No here's the trick. We need to use more than one domain. Acctually it's more like 20 domains (dom1.com thru dom20.com if you wish). One way of doing this is to make 20 zone files, all containing one domain and all the machines. That is not a good solution.

I tried using barebone zones with no machines and the using the INCLUDE statement to include a file containing all the machines, but it's not working.

Is there a good (or indeed correct) way of doing this? With or without the gui?


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Make 20 zone files, and load all 20 into the BIND server :p

BIND is a mess, and frankly has a pretty bad way of managing multiple domains that point to the same thing, it is your only resort to get it done.

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