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Dlink 604T as a bridge


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ok heres the deal. i have always been using the DSL604T router from DLINK as my internet modem/router. howerver i feel the need as my room is far to get the signal boost so i have purchased the Buffalo WHR G54 router to use as a bridge. my question is, can the 604T be used as a bridge? the manual which can be found: ftp://ftp.dlink.com/Broadband/dslg604t/Manual/DSL-G604T_manual_07072005.zip

says that the 604t can be used as a bridge, but it has well as far as i saw doesnt say if it can allow another router for the bridge? anyone understand me :(. i want to make the buffalo bridge from my modem/router 604t. and yes the Buffalo is only a wireless router, no modem.
When you set the buffalo to "bridge mode" with the external switch it will no longer be a router. The Dlink will still do all the routing. The buffalo will just receive from the Dlink and re-transmit the traffic.

Note do not expect the 125 mbit speed advertised by the Buffalo. Anything over 54 mbps is proprietary and you have to have the same brand NIC/router/bridge.


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oh okie, emm but how do i let the dlink bridge to the buffalo, i know how to do it for buffalo to dlink, but the other way i dont :(. and also what sort of cables (crossover or patch) and to which port to plug in. im not good with networking :(.
There may be a problem. From page 67 of the manual:

1. All wireless access points in the wireless bridge need to support WDS. At time of publication, only Buffalo G54 and Apple Airport Extreme access points support WDS.
The Dlink may not be compatible with bridging/repeating through the buffalo. Check the manual to see if it is WDS (wireless distribution system) compatible. It seems that different brands are not compatible becasue WDS is not certified by the WIFI Alliance.

All you should need to do is plug the buffalo in about half way between the existing wirelss access point (the Dlink) and your room, set the bridge switch to bridge. Then follow the configuration instructions starting on page 67 of the manual.


It is recommended that you plug the buffalo (or any wireless device) directly into the network to set it up. It can be done over the wireless link but that is risky if the signal drops out. You can use the cable that came with the buffalo.

If all of this is getting to be too much trouble-
Make your own signal booster antenna for $1.
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