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DivX / XVID / Questions


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Hope this is allowed here.

Have some XVID clips. DivX couldnt open them, so I got the xvid decoder.

Started one of the clips and it run fine, beautifully actually, except for one thing. The damn thing was inverted. How is that fixed?
Sound ran fine and everything, screen was just inverted.

Then I tried running normal mpeg and avi files in divx, but they would not run.
Do I have to keep changing back and forth between decoders to view differnt types of clips?

Kind of confused here.

Machine is a P4 2.53, 512 of ddr2100 ram.


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1) Install ffdshow
2) Select Start->Programs->FFDShow->configuration
3) Go to the Misc. menu and check 'Flip video'
4) Go to the Codecs menu and make sure 'XVID' is checked and 'Use XVID' is unchecked.
5) Close FFDShow configuration utility.
6) Play the video.
7) if video is still flipped, go back to the misc. menu in FFDShow configuration, and uncheck 'Flip Video'. Close the config utility and restart the player.

As far as playback of different formats is concerned... what software are you using to play the files? I use WMP9 and it plays everything I have, as long as the codec is installed. I don't think there is a single video codec out there right now that I don't have though, and WMP9 handles them all.

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