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divx troubles



hey all,

a couple divx questions for those of you that know.

1 - what is it that causes xp to make divx movies "in use" constantly? i have a fragment of a copy of terminator that i cant delete because its always in use.

2 - i recently got two movies from a friend and he can watch them and so can others, but when i try to run them media player gives me "cannot run movie, file format not supported" errors.

any ideas?



Penguin Rancher

1) I am not sure about the rest of the people running XP, but I have had the same problem with many other file types, not just Divx files. Just make sure you have no programs trying to access the files and/or windows is not trying to load a thumbnail or preview of the divx movie.

2) You may or may not already know, but There are Tons of different divx encoders and decoders floating around the net. Unless you have all of them installed, Windows media player might not be able to read certain Divx files that you download. I recommend downloading the Divx player from http://www.divx.com. It is a stable and relatively universal program for playing Divx files. If this program does not play the Divx format you want, You prolly need to download the movie again. :D


err correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be talking about players as if they were codecs.

I find that if I install DivX 3.11 official THEN DivX 4.02 all my movies work. Also check out the Microsoft Codecs any standard player will use the "windows media player codecs"
The codecs are what determins what formats are supported, not the player


Penguin Rancher

For the most part that is true, if you have the right codec installed in windows, windows media player will play the Divx file; however the official Divx codecs do not always play Divx files encoded with Bootleg divx codecs (I have learned from experience). The Divx player has resource files with its own small codec database. It does not install the bootleg codecs in the windows system folders. I ran across this from experience. I have a downloaded version of Gladiator that will not play in Windows media player, even though I have the newest official Divx codec installed. But the Divx player would play the movie just fine. I was curious why this would happen, so I did the research. ;)


yes, but the point is you CAN find the correct codec so you can play the movies in the player of your choice


its a relatively new thing.. i have a feeling within a few months someone will come out with a player thats fully loaded, wont crash.. you can pause/play without getting out of sync. .etc etc.

i was just wondering if anyone knew the ways to fix my probs.

- cam


hmm I use media player 6 and divx 4.02 over 3.11
it doesnt crash, it doesnt go out of sync


albybums suggestion didnt work then?

I have all the new xp crap turned off and I dont get the problem so I though albybum would be right.


Penguin Rancher
Install these things in this order to get Windows Media player to play almost all Divx formats

Divx Codec 3.11 Alpha for Windows

Divx Codec 4.12 for Windows http://www.divxmovies.com/software/DivX412Codec.exe

SMR Patch

IF that still does not work, run the AVI FourCC Code Changer
and the movie. The Code changer should tell you what codec you are missing.

Divx Programming material

Divx FAQ

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
Re: Reply

Originally posted by albybum
1) If this program does not play the Divx format you want, You prolly need to download the movie again. :D
Thanks for that, I was having trouble with one film, I've got piles of codecs, but using this program it plays perfectly :)

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