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I want to try and make a VCD for the first time and attempting it with a DIVX file. I'm having trouble getting the video. I follow the instructions on vcdhelp.com and I can extract the audio with virtualdub but the final result with tmpgenc is a file with audio but no video. I chose the right video setting too. it was 27.936 frames per second so i chose ntscfilm. How do i get the video to work??


hey buddy, i have attempted to do the whole divx to VCD thing three times with the same file, and had very little sucess each time, its a tricky thing to get into, but from what i have reda about on the web its dead simple once you know what your doing...THAT unfortunately as you are fully aware is the hard part.

try looking around here http://www.vcdhelp.com/tmpgenc.htm

otr here?

unfortunately thats all the help i can offer since thats all i have read on the topic. hope it helps.



The Analog Kid
there are some programs out there that supposedly will do all the formatting to make a divx into a vcd. Off the top of my head, I can't remember the names, but tomorrow I should have some time to dig around my HDD and see what I come up with..
as for now, try www.dvd.box.sk or www.divx.box.sk


Cool..i finally did it. I got a codec called NIMO and it works fine now when im converting. Are you suppose to lose quality when you convert this divx avi to mpg? The video is ok, but the words are kinda blurry. Is this normal when you convert a divx .avi to mpg?


The Analog Kid
IMHO, Nimo is a great codec package. I always used Kristal before that but Nimo just comes with so much stuff.

Afrodiz- what did you actually use to convert. I've been having probs as of late with what I have. But it could also be my burning software which seems to get worse by the day


I use virtualdub to extract the audio first and then TMPGENC to convert from divx to .mpg then use nero to burn as VCD

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