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I have a bunch of home movies in Divx file format. I want to put them on SVCD's so that people can watch them on their DVD players at home (NTSC. not pal.... yet.) Anything that anyone can recommend that can do this switch for me easily? I need a specfic program as I have been to many websites but not a lot of programs, so I need a easy to use program. I might need to use menu's, not sure though.

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Edit: I know nero does it but it needs a pluggin. I don't want to pay. :rolleyes:


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Hmmm this may fit in here too, a friend sent me a home-movie encoded as a svcd but it plays in black and white on our telly but is fine on my pc is this because it is NTSC format ?? If so can you convert it ??


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i use tmpgenc to do the converting bit and ulead dvd movie factory for the movie part. very easy once you know how its done.


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Alright thanks. If anyone wants to add something please do, I don't think I will be able to try out these before I move (to australia), which is in 9 days.




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indyjones yes you can with tmpgenc. if you want anything done with a video file tmpgenc and virtualdub do everything :p

[edit] be sure to grab a bitrate calc somewhere so that you can fit your movie on the amount of cd;s you wanna burn.


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Ya, in either case it has to work on a stand alone dvd player. I don't care what it does on computers lol, but it has to work on Dvd players or else I can forget about the entire 'project' (I have 8 or 9 files that are going on 8 or 9 discs... so its a project)

There are lots of different ways to do it, the most common is using Virtual Dub to strip out the Sound, then converting the movie with TMPGEnc.

The Absolutely EASIESt way is to use DVD2SVCD. This is an all in one FREE program that allows you to start EITHER with a DVD or an AVI file (Divx, Xvid, whatever). Set a few options and in 5-8 hours (depending on your CPU speed) you will end up with a ready-to-burn set of .bin/.cue files. (for a 90-100 min movie)
It does not get any easier.
I SUGGEST you download and install a the ACE MegaCodec Pack (do a google search) -- although any of the widely available codec packs will probably work just fine.
You will also need EITHER TMPGEnc OR CINEMACRAFTENCODER v2.5. (either one will work fine)

The only catch is that you need about 6 GB or so of FREE harddrive space to do the conversion. (you will need 10 GB if you are converting from an actual DVD)

You can get DVD2SVCD HERE

I wrote a simple guide for using DVD2SVCD HERE

NOTE: The newest Version of DVD2SVCD Solves a LOT of the problems many users were having. I have been able to convert about 95% of the movies without problem. When I have run into a problem that I cannot work around then I simply use VirtualDub + TMPGEnc (there is a guide on www.dvdrhelp.com)

there is a complete guide for the conversion HERE if you are new to the whole thing.

You can get most of the additional software and VIRTUALLY any question answered at www.dvdrhelp.com

IF your movie is split into 2 divx files then you can use the newest version of VirtualDub to combine them into 1 single file which can then be converted by DVD2SVCD...OR you can simply use DVD2SVCD to convert each divx (AVI) file separately.

Hope this helps you out.


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you would have to convert the movie with tmpgenc. it gives you the option to convert it to a PAL movie, right at the beginning of the wizard.


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you need to watch the bitrate of the file. the max bitrate of a svcd is 2319, so you rip the files to your hdd (this will cost no quality) then you convert to the new mpg with a bitrate of 2319 so that it will fit on the new svcd (this may cost a little bit of quality loss)
Originally posted by indyjones
But what about converting to pal if indeed that is my problem ??
No problem... When you use DVD2SVCD you simply set yoor desired end result to PAL.

You can choose to end up with mpeg2 or mpeg1

1. SVCD NTSC-film
2. VCD
3. PAL

Hell,. you can even end up with CVD if that is what you want.

you do not have to reencode it again.


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Originally posted by southpark
use Herosoft 2001....convert it 2 mpeg 1st...
then use nero to burn it 2 vcd or svcd format....

then ur fren can use his vcd player 2 play D,,,,
English translation:

Use Herosoft 2001 to convert the divx to mpeg, then use nero to burn them to vcd or svcd, then pass them along to your friend and have fun watching them.


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