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Divx under xp just won't work! I've tried many, many files
Here is a summary of the errors I get:

WMP (both new and old versions) -- crashes and asks to send error report to microsoft

ThePlaya -- plays the movies but drops frames occasionally. Fast forward crashes the playa (a problem because if there is too much motion in a frame, it crashes the playa)

BSPlayer -- first time I open a movie file it give me an error of the format "Access violation at address 77F5230C in module 'ntdll.dll'. Read of address FFFFFFFC. When I open the file the second time, it runs but the video is slow (yet the sound is at normal speed, it gets out of sync very badly very quickly). I've tried deleting all its registry keys, uninstalling and reinstalling, etc.

Gdivx -- when it opens a file it says "An error occurred while attempting to play file "thefilename". blah blah (error code #-2137417848/Error description: Automation error The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.) But the file is still loaded, and it didn't used to give me that error. When I hit play it says "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch"

Radlight -- gives me same error as bsplayer first time I load the file, crashes on second (without error message -- just kinda disappears)

Other players -- any combination of the above.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling divx codecs multiple times, installing divx 3 then divx 4, installing nimo, installing wmp codec packs, and any combination of the above.

Running Windows xp pro with geforce3 and game theater xp. Any hints you have would be very helpful.



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30 Jan 2002
uhm, I'll try to help

first of all, I had a similar problem, but not exactly the same.

My problem involved audio codecs installed improperly. You ca try to remove all the audio and video codecs and re-install them from scratch.

Please make a restore point before you do.

Also, do not install like 5 players on your system. Install only the 'official' Playa, with the codecs, or only the codecs. If you don't know how (no offence) post it here. I can't take you through it right now, as I'm working on a NT4 box at the moment.

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2 Dec 2001
Current rumours suggest that Divx 5.0 will be released on monday, but until then you can use 4.12 from Divx.com or even 3.11 from doom9.org or dvdripguides.com


now this.. this is interesting
All my divx players work fine playing non-divx stuff, so I uninstalled all my divx codecs. I was going to try installing xvid (or xdiv, whatever). Before I installed new codecs I decided to try something -- open the divx files without the codec installed.

I noticed that when opened a divx file all my programs would have the same errors as before with the codecs installed. If the error wasn't fatal, I would then get a file type not recognized error (which I should get, my codecs are uninstalled)
maybe I have a rogue audio codec somewhere

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