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I recently built a 1.4 Thunderbird system with a FIC AZ11EA motherboard. I got a fairly cheap video card for starters, so I could save up for a more beefy one later. I got a Trident AGP 8MB video card. My display works prety good, however, when I go to the DOS prompt [FULL SCREEN] my cursor, and evreything is GONE. If I do it windowed, its all there, but when I hit ctrl-enter to go full, it all goes away, even what I type. Can someone assist me please? Thanks
You might try this. Go to Start> Programs> Accessories> right click on the MSDOS shortcut, go into properties and increase your window size. I'd suggest just increasing the window size as large as you can and not going full screen. I think you nailed it when you identified your AGP, but i'm not sure. I know this isn't a cure to your problem, but it is a workaround until you can get your new card??

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