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DiskKeeper 7 vs XP SP1?

Long story:

Installed Norton System Works 2003 because I got in on the $30 deal
and wanted Norton Ghost. It installed, but none of the executables would run.
Double-clicking them would bring up an hourglass for two seconds and that was it.
No program, no processes, nothing. I still don't know why this happened.

I uninstalled Norton, defragged, and told DK 7 to perform a directory
consolidation on next boot. I rebooted, the consolidation ran, and the system rebooted
itself again. At the WinXP / Recovery console menu, I chose WinXP and BAM!!!
"Could not find HAL.DLL."

After changing my underwear, I attempted to go into Recovery Console,
but it refused to run do to the missing file. I was forced to reinstall XP.

Four hours later, I had things back the way I wanted them, and thinking that
Norton had caused the initial meltdown, I defragged again, and set DiskKeeper to perform a directory
consolidation on next boot. I rebooted, it performed the consolidation, and BAM!!
"Can not find the DLLs required for Kernel."

This time it allowed me into Recovery Console, but it proved useless. It also allowed
me to begin a Repair Installation of XP, but XP quickly turned that into a full-blown reinstall.

So... eight hours wasted on back to back super crashes.

I didn't have any problem with DiskKeeper before I installed SP1.
And my hard drive checks out just fine with Seagate's disk checker.

Any ideas?

Oh... I also re-installed Norton, and while some components work,
others refuse to. I'm guessing it's because I keep the number of services I run pretty low,
but every other program I have runs great, so Norton can kiss my butt. I ordered DriveImage.
don't have any idea how to help you ohter then don't tell DK 7 to perform a directory consolidation on next boot again.

fool me once shame on you
fool me twice shame on me



Microsoft MVP
I'd suggest contacting Executive Software and asking them what the heck is going on. Something obviously is - they have in their e-letter a description of an "issue" like this.

My anticipation of their response is that they will say BIOS issue and having a system drive greater than 7.8GB (I think that they are having some issues and don't know what it is). However, the BIOS specification was updated in mid 1990s to include the INT13 BIOS stuff necessary to address greater than 7.8GB on system boot. By 2000, most BIOS manufacturers had implemented this in their BIOS's. In addition, ntloader, ntdetect also have the ability to address > 7.8GB when trying to boot the system...

- Greg/Raxco Software
Microsoft MVP - Windows Storage Management/File System

Disclaimer: I work for Raxco Software, the maker of PerfectDisk - a commercial defrag utility, as a systems engineer in the support department.


I have the exact same problem. After the 1st crash I reinstalled everything and backed up with Ghost. The next time I defragged during bootup with Diskeeper the system crashed. So now I just don't do it :D.

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