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diskeeper boot time not really a defrag?


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i used diskeeper with the boot time defrag option on my c drive. i did a chkdsk before starting it and i gave it the instruction to defrag my page file too. i left it there for a while, and when i came back, i wanted to check just how "defreagged" the drive was. i went into diskeeper and analyzed my c drive. for some weird reason the data was all spread out, i mean, COMPLETELY not defragged. instead of one continous blue line i had the whole rainbow...

is the boot time defragger supposed to behave that way?



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i definitely gave more than 15%, its a 120 gb hd split 3 way with 3 40 gb partitions. the one i defragged has 25 gb free.

Perris Calderon

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here's what's happening

boot time defrag is used for files that are not available when the volume is mounted

for isntance, the pagefile, mft zone, etc

if the os is defraggmenting and optimizing these files, this will likely cause other files to fragment

then you need a defrag on the mounted volume, which will not affect the files that cannot be moved wile the vloume is mounted


Dealer's correct. A boot defrag (or "offline" defrag) will only defrag system files that can't be defragged while the OS is using them. The rest of the files on the disk need to be defragged normally.

And you should only have to run a boot defrag very rarely. The pagefile, for example, only needs to be defragged once when it is first created. Or whenever the first time you defrag it is.


When I use Diskeeper to defrag my drives I find that though files are defragged the free space is not consolidated and the there are bands of files over a significant part of the disk.

Why is the free space not consolidated?

Perris Calderon

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only the pro version ov diskeeper consolidates your free space

If you are using the pro, then you ahve somehow turned off the otimizatio feature

I prefer perfectdisk, so I don't know what the interface on your app looks like.

let's see what someone who use it has to say


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i use the boot time to lay all the folders at the start of the drive. the files are defragmented, but not consolidated during a boot time, if the option is clicked the folders will be lined up at the start, but you still need to defrag again to line everything up again :)

the light blue are my folders after a boot time defrag, then i ran the in windows defrag to put everything back at the start of the disk.


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