disconnected all the time....[HELP]



is there a way to not get disconnected as frequently because i seem to get disconnected off the internet every so often. this is especially irritating when i load windows media player...i get disconnected 80% of the time...

btw, i use 56k dialup


No, there is no real way to not get disconnected. If you have call waiting, a simple phone call is enough to kick you offline. Something a friend of mine did is get a message center. If you're online and you get a phone call, the message center kicks in and you don't get booted. You also don't miss calls :).

The reasons that you get cut off is that the hub you're connecting to is getting full, or you're experiencing packet loss, which means your connection is not consant. Either way, there really isnt anything you can do besides switch to a different internet service provider..



What kind of modem do you have?

It is true that some ISP's use shitty equipment, but it is also true that most major computer sellers use the biggest pieces of crap for their modems. Sofeware driven modems are cheaper, but also less reliable.