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Disappearing Hard Drive!

hopefully some of you ntfs hardware gurus can help me out.

i recently purchased and installed a wd 60gb hdd and made it my master.

i took my pre-existing 40gb hdd and made it a slave to the 60.

now, when i boot up, the bios detects the 60gb as master and the 40gb as slave.

however, when i right click the start button and explore, i can't see this drive.

it does show up in 'device manager' as working properly.

but, it remains invisible.

anyone have any ideas how i can see my lost hdd?


You may have to assign it a drive letter. Right click 'my computer' select manage, then goto disk management to see if the drive is there. If it is right click on the disk and choose 'change drive letter' and assign the drive a letter.
damn, rettahc! you da man. thnx for the quick answer.

your suggestion worked pefectly! i had to assign it a drive letter and then create a logical drive.

thanks a million! :)

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