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simple question:
how do i disable windows installer? i had a previous topic on how its was popping up for no reason, and it was left as not being solved.
Do you mean you are getting installer messages when running apps without admin privileges? If that's it log in as admin, run app, then return to user account. Installer message should have gone.

If it ain't that then who knows lol

Don't know what else you mean or even why you'd need to stop it??

As Skazzy said...more info would be nice.;)
the windows installer.....thats wot its called as far as i know. a screen comes up trying to install fifa 2003 creation centre, then when i cancel, it comes up again about 10 TIMES. when i get home i will post a screenshot
i could do that, but there are other apps that are tryin to install themselves.....and i dont want them......how can i disable the installer, i heard that i could
Does it do this in every profile or just one?

Does it do this in the Administrator profile (Not a profile that is an administrator, but the actual Administrator profile)

And... just out of curiosity, what OS? 2000? XP?

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