DirectX 11 with Ray Tracing This Year?


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What ramifications does this have for Geforce 9 graphics cards?

I don't even understand what ray tracing means in terms of computer graphics - what are the benefits?

Should I hold of my purchase of a £215 Geforce 9800GTX and get a cheaper model, before buying a DX11 card next year? Or should I get an ATi card - do they support ray tracing?


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well.. i have found this two links that explain things a bit

but im not sure how soon this will really happen, seems like everything has to be new (gpu, directx, games)

oh, and afaik, there aren't any current cards that support it




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You can create wrappers to support it through software but since no current cards are dx11, you will not natively be able to support this directly through hardware.


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well, its still march, isnt it?

but now that i think bout it, it does seem pretty weird

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Ray Tracing To Debut In DirectX 11 on Tech ARP is a report that turns out to be an April Fool, as it comes from Malaysia, where it is April 1, Year of the Rat already

little rice eating gits :p

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