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DirectWay Satellite...who has it? advice?

where i live i can't get cable or dsl so i've been thinking about getting DirectWay Satellite connection. i called and got the info and to be honest with u i'm not sure if i wanna do it so i'm just wondering if anyone else has it. they told me u sign up for 1 year for $99 per month (pays for the new dish and softwear) then after 1 year u pay $59 per month + if u cancel within the first year they pentalize u big time with a fee. i dunno....maybe i should just stick to my AOL 56K....any input with be appreciated. thank u.


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Well I've never used it but I would think that it would be better then your current connection. That said its also a matter of what you do on the net. I would also say make sure you can download and upload via satellite connection, the only real draw back I've heard is that is not very good if you like to play games online due to the time lag it has and like satellite tv the weather can do things to your connection but overall since you can't get any other form of high speed net access then get it. Well that my thoughts/opinions on it
thank u for ur input on it Chastity. i've made up my mind and i'm not gonna get it. $100 per month for a whole year isn't worth it...i'll stick it out until dsl come around my way.

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