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different r.a.m. in win2k?



my computer has 64mb ram currently. i got 128mb more, but on putting it in slot2, got a blue screen when windows loaded up. something about the registry. with only the 128mb inserted, a blue screen saying "graphics driver cannot be loaded" comes up. the r.a.m's fine, have tested it with (be)os. i've been told that some arcane registry entry somewhere has a tag on the amount/config of r.a.m. that existed when win2k was installed, and if the r.a.m. is changed (physically), thus not matching the aforementioned registry entry, things won't proceed. is this true? any way i can go from 64 to 192?

firstly, is the 64mb and the 128mb both PC100 or PC133?
does your mobo have onboard graphics? If so, and the 64mb was pc100, chances are the mobo wont support pc133 in slot 1 as I've had the same problems in the past on a board.
I did get a pc100 64mb working in slot 1 and the pc133 128mb working in slot 2 at the same time. leaving slot 1 empty wasnt an option.

if your mobo does have onboard graphics, but you're not using it, check its disabled (or given no memory) in the bios and reboot. The registry key you mention is probably an option set by someone as there was something similar in win95 and I think it was in 98 and ME too where you set the amount of memory and if it changes, it'll bsod a lot.

Does it show 192mb ram on post? You could try a repair installation of Win2K to see if that does anything. Also, try turning off quick boot in the BIOS and let the system check the ram properly for any errors... its also possible that the ram isnt fully compatible with your mobo although if it works in BeOS, I'm not sure if it will be that.

Whats your computer spec?
i.e. motherboard, cpu, graphics. also if you're overclocking, mention that too :)


hi jon,
thanks for replying... (wasn't expecting it, somehow).


both of them are pc100. the (crucial?) difference is one's dash7 and the other dash8. that might be what's causing win2k's bluescreens...

the motherboard is i810 based. "dac type: internal" and with 4mb of onboard memory.

wouldn't disabling onboard graphics make necessary a graphics card? hmm... don't have one. 192mb is shown on bootup/post... however, even booting with only the 128mb gives bluescreens. that's the strangest thing, for if the speed(?) difference (dash7 v/s dash8) were causing the problems, they should've disappeared in an "only-128mb" config.

the computer's celeron-333, 64mb ram, seagate 40gb, seagate 1.2gb, lg 52x cdrom, onboard graphics (4mb mem) and sound (ac97 audio), 14" lg 44m, 3com officeconnect cablemodem, realtek 8139 lan card.

Shamus MacNoob

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If you cant boot with just the new 128mb chances are it is faulty

you cannot disable the on board graphics if you dont have a card you need some form of video as you all ready figured out

Try to use the new stick of ram and see if you can boot into safe mode ?

I needed to do a repair install one time after adding RAM that just dont seem right cuz I have ADDED ram so many times I lost count on so many systems but that one time I needed to ro a repair install oh well ....... if you cant get to safe mode with that ram I would take it back and get another stick faulty ram happens alot

If you can access the bios with that ram installed reset the bios to the safe load settings default settings ,,,,,,,, then give it a try


worked, almost

changed the cas-to-ram (?) delay from 3 to 2 and cached something or the other... on putting the 128mb ram in, with the 64mb, windows was able to load, but svchost.exe crashed win2k so severely that nearly all programs were unable to load...



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