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Differences tool for Windows??



hey all,

im lookin for a proggy for Windows that will show me the differences in documents. on OS X i have FileMerge wich is part of the OS X Developer Tools, and also BBEdit does this very well. it scans two text documents and highlights the differences in each. even allowing me to merge the two together. is there any such thing on Windows. thanks!
Well, in Unix there is the command called "diff" which compares each line of two files or directories.

There is a windows version called "windiff" that is similar and has a GUI. It's a free download and can easily be found in a Yahoo search.

Perris Calderon

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tthat's a nice app

also, that's a nice feature in linux

I still think it can be done with a briefcase though...I don't have time to experiment, but I found this;

To check the status of files in Briefcase
Open Briefcase, and then click the file you want to check.
On the File menu, click Properties.
Click the Update Status tab.

To find the copy of the file that is outside Briefcase (which is the counterpart to the copy that is stored in Briefcase), on the Update Status tab, click Find Original.
If you want to view the status of the files that are stored in Briefcase and the status column does not appear in the right pane of the Briefcase window, on the View menu, click Details.

anyway, if it can't be done in a briefcase, it should be able to be done in a briefcase

briefcase is one of the excellant utilities in xp...I'm surprised more people don't use it

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