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Did I Funk Up?

Well, after years and years of "meaning to install linux @ home" I finally got in the position that I essentially "had" to :)

I needed a CVS server for a buddy of mine and I to share a project on.

Now, I've already setup the thing (an older Coppermine box)

Debian as the distro (minimal install)
My linksys router forwarding the port to the specific IP address
TortoiseCVS as the client on the Windows boxes where the dev is being done
DynDNS.com to keep track of the Comcast trickery.

I tried Gentoo, then thought maybe I should do Knoppix but when I found out that it sucked on hard disk I went with Debian.

Was this the right move?

I want a distro that is simple to run, doesn't require X and is incredibly stable.


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I would personally suggest FreeBSD with subversion over Apache using WebDav but that is a personal choice.

What you have sounds fine, look for a CVS "manual" which will help you get all set up.
I second FreeBSD. I only played around with it for about a month(then I switched to Mac), however It proved to be stable and used few system resources.
FreeBSD is not a super huge change from linux. There are differences but it is usually not very difficult to figure out if you are able to function in linux. The install for FreeBSD is not that bad either if you use the network install.


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I was a bit apprehensive about FreeBSD since I've never used it before. Is it fairly intuitive if I know how to use Linux?
I find that it is easier to use than the debian packaging system when it comes tom maintaining the third party software.

Besides that, to set up cvs on both of them shoudl not be hard, look for the cvs handbook, it contains everything you need to know about cvs.

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