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did i fry my motherboard? :)



ok, here's what happened...

i've got an ASUS P4B266 with 1GB of DDR PC2100 RAM in it. so i decided to do a lil upgrade and slap in another 512MB of RAM. the ASUS P4B266 has 3 RAM slots; i already had the first 2 512MB in the first 2 slots. so i powered off PC, unplugged it, put in memory stick #3 into slot #3, plugged cord back in, turned computer back on, and it immediately started beeping. i took out the power plug, removed the RAM, and it started booting up normally, but then after the WindowsXP boot screen, i got a BSOD with:

Stop: 0x000000A0 (0x00000002, 0x00070125, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Rebooted again, got the same BSOD. powered off and unplugged again, re-seated all memory chips, booted up again, got another BSOD error, something about an invalid page fault. rebooted again, got the Internal Power Error again. tried to do a System Repair of the XP CD, got the same error after the initial install (but before you get to the 39-minute "Windows is now Installing" spiel).

so, i unplugged the PC again, reseated the CMOS battery, tried to do the System Repair again, and was successful. was back to XP! everything seemed to be working fine...then...

was in the middle of level 3 of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and the computer crashed with a BSOD memory dump error. rebooted, got the same BSOD memory dump error upon reboot. tried the entire repair process again, HAD to reseat the CMOS battery again, and was successfully able to reinstall XP again.

so, as the question in the topic states: did i fry my motherboard? i have a feeling i did, but i want to be sure :)

EDIT: (P.S. the reason the motherboard went F-U after i put in that 3rd memory chip was because, as i found out AFTER reading my mobo manual [yes, i know, rtfm], the 3rd memory slot in the P4B266 can only take single-sided DDR chips)

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