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Dial-Up Connection

Here is my problem, I use dial-up and I can connect once, and surf fine, then disconnect, but if I go back to it a little later, and try again, it'll look like it's connected, but nothing will be able to find anything online, but once I re-start the machine, everything works fine, and it just started happening not so long ago, I didn't even change anything!


Seen this problem a few times with adsl usb modems......it sounds like what is happening is that the modem is not being powered by the computer and even though it says that you are connected the port has stoped the power to the usb port and as a result isnt able to send any data back and forth. Try turning off all power management options in power management in the control pannel. The other thing to try is updating the usb host controlers for the mother board, you will find these from the motherboard manufacturers web site and you will be able to find out which ones you need under device manager. Let me know if any of this makes any sense...... only seem to see this with XP so would suggest its a problem with the generic drivers that XP is using for the mobo.



O.k. then that blows that one out of the water!! lol

Another question for you, is it a soft modem? If so do you have the latest drivers installed?

Have you had this problem with other o/s's or just XP?
I dunno, it's ESS chipset. a Pine Modem. and I used it in 98, 98 SE and ME before. and it worked fine in XP for a month or so


Hmmm.... buy a new modem?! wouldnt follow that adv unless you are loaded $$$$ lol! I would uninstall and reinstall the modem again and see if you still have the problem.... I will keep on looking to see what i can find (will be online for next 12 hours)!!

Dont know exactly which on eyou have but a couple of the ESS modems have Xp specific drivers ... try this link and choose your modem....



Me Too

Have the same problem with a US Robotics 56k modem. Doesn't happen all the time, but is really annoying. I'll have to see if there's a new XP driver.



I had the same problem, but for me it was fine once I stopped using Zonealarm Pro and stopped it from starting up with Windows. Had no problems since, running Tiny Personal Firewall now...

The drivers helped boost my connection, but otherwise it still had the problem...


Still Happening

Its still happening 50 per cent of the time, even with new drivers. I had thought it may be something to do with ZoneAlarm. I use the free version, but only when on-line - not started with windows. I'll go back to Tiny (its excellent) to see if it ceases.

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