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Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction

Okay, it's been awhile since I've posted: I've been enjoying my christmas vacation as much as possible; while being sick.

I've been playing games over the break and one I have put alot of time into is Diablo II: LOD and I have noticed that my speakers pop from time to time.

There are some other things like on my C drive I just noticed a text file called cheaters.txt and inside it says:
windows renabled
windows renabled

I'm not sure what this is but it reminds me of the Nimda Virus that went around not too long ago. I use NAV2002 so maybe it's not.


nah, everyone with CS 1.3 gets that file.

I have it too. you can delete it...

but it just comes back lol :D
CS 1.3

Well thats messed up I don't like random files just sitting there unless I know what they are and I know they are there for a purpose.

But whatever-


Possible Path available from MS

I checked out the windows update site last night and saw that there is a patch available related to 'popping speakers'.

However, I am at work now an use Win2000 so I cannot find it exactly.
Speakers Popping +MoRe+

Okay, now I really notice my speakers popping while playing Nascar 4- where the heck is that fix I wasn't successful in locating the fix for it.


it might be something with your speakers, then?

I've never experienced speaker "popping," so i don't know...

Hey Existenz are you Tree4 b/c he was browsing through Microsofts site and found the fix I guess but didn't say entirely--




I will look up the update on my XP machine at home tonight an then post the link for you.

Electronic Punk

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Diablo II works fine here, infact I am going to play more, look for me on European servers as Eclectic - tho I don't really talk on there. I am shy.

Tree4 - Existenz: Kool thnx alot I hope it fixes the popping for me.

ePunk: I never have tried the European Servers, tell me when your on b/c I'd like to see what you have.

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, no problems, let me know if you are about within the next 3 hours, I have managed to get up to a level 20 barbarian
This is without the LOD tho, I have lost the case and found the CD inside the original versions install case, so it looks like I am stuffed with that ;)

I don't really trade tho, I just carry what I use.
ePunk: If you don't have the LOD installed then we can't join the same game b/c it will not let you. You should try to find your cd case to LOD b/c the CD Key is on the front. Besides Diablo2 without LOD isn't all that great, you miss out on alot of rares and uniques not to mention the entire set of Runes you can now find.

Electronic Punk

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I think I am screwed and will have to buy another copy. I am ok for now tho, I will just keep building up this barbarian, as I think you can convert them - only ever played single player too (eep!)

Infact, I am gonna go play now :D
LOUD: Sound :Disappears in Town

Okay, I was just playing Diablo2:LOD and this is the first time I have ever noticed this but a loud humming sound starts up faintly and builds up. I was in the World of Destruction when it started and the only way to make it stop is to tp back to town. After I return back to the World of Destruction the sound eventually builds back up to where its annoying enough to waste another tp.

What is causing this and what should I do?!

Originally posted by existenz
it might be something with your speakers, then?

I've never experienced speaker "popping," so i don't know...
Okay where is that fix someone promised they would look up I'm waiting patiently I might add.

If anyone knows where the popping speaker fix is on the Microsoft site let me know; if this is b/c of my sound card then let me know; people just talk to me geez!


D2 LoD

aha i reply in a forum

just wonna say that i'm a newbie at forums but i got some good characters in the realm

but since i installed XP my framerate suxx(<--can i say that on forum?:) )

Look me up if u need help just wisper *cursed_neyven

ow yes, how do u get such cool picks under your name?

Electronic Punk

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suxx is not on my list of naughty words, I think that one is ok ;)
I think its sexual swear words I will modify with the word "Jolly" :D

I did get your private message Neyven, glad you can reply now :D
Aer you using the latest version?
Make sure you close as many background applications as you can !

Same goes for you Cire :D

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