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Diablo II: Anyone actually "play" anymore?

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
OK, just loaded it up tonight. Lets just say that since the 1.10 patch cow runs are largely dead (as this patch was as much of a change as .08). Anyhow, many people sorta do Baal runs now. Sorta do, someone might ask?

OK, here's what I mean. Almost every game people would stand in town, and no one would go. We be there about 5 minutes or so, everyone I guess afraid to go now. Sometimes there would be argument about who will go down first...as peeps wouldn't go down together, nor go themselves. Then everyone would start to leave. OK, onto the next game, same thing. Of late, this seems to be about 90% of the games I run into...

Oh well... I know the monsters are much worse, but whatever happened to going down together and all? :D


We Speak Geek
A friend of mine does Baal runs all the time, but I try to generally cool it down and just play along slowly, as the story goes :)

/me is ol' skool!

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Electronic Punk said:
hehehe, cow runs where great.
Not heard of baal runs.
Well, once upon a time there were cow, baal, and bloody runs (when xpack came out) :D However, there used to be peeps who would invariably sit in the channel and wait till they were first. This now gave them the powers to kick and ban peeps from these private channels.

So peeps would get the taste of power, and it would be like, second one joins

Victim number 32,867 in channel lockdown
cya, and couldn't join. They could be locked down for 12, 14 hours or whatever, until the person decided to let peeps back in to organize their games :eek: Needless to say, on US East this was worse then on US West (have accounts on both realms), as on West peeps would just say OK and create channel bloody2, bloody3, bloody4...same for the baal and cow channels. On East, when it got locked down, this didn't seem to happen.

Well after enough of this, I emailed Bliz's tech support (and don't know if they took my idea, if many other people suggested, or what), but suggested they create public baal, bloody, and cow channels, which had no op (hence no one who could mass ban everyone, and make it so no-one could use these channels to organize leveling games). They did create normal, nm, and hell cow channels though...

These were around till 1.10. However, in 1.10, the cows are super fast (they're like an entire level full of minions of destruction now), that can not be frozen (nope, holy freeze and what not, they're immune to), they're much tougher to kill, and they just don't drop much exp anymore. Also, the group exp bonus doesn't apply anymore unless one is 2 screens apart from one another... Cow channels were also removed.

All this said, some of my characters, like this paly that has

- vamp gaze
- gaurdian angel
- lightsabre
- stormshield
- tgods
- raven frost


and almost almost 280 vit, and enough base str to use a storm shield and base dex to use a lightsabre (excluding bonuses), and has a rather decent skill set...has been reduced to an average player in .10....

But still, I can live with that. So peeps need to co-op more, but what's the point of just sitting around in town and arguing about who will go? Oh well...


Quazatron R6 droid
I still play it with Necromancer / Druid characters - there is still nothing in my opinion the original hack and slash gameplay, although its still difficult sometimes to work out the best way to balance your necro.. should you be a curser or one who uses minions to bash everything. :D
All my accounts were shutdown when the last patch came out; I had some hexes on them...

It got pretty ridiculous nearing the end and it was probably for the best they cracked down on these items, atleast for the moment anyways.

I don't have my cdkeys anymore otherwise I would still probably be playing it. I'm content to play StarCraft still so its all good.

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Things were getting rediculous. There were for instance level 25s with w-rings, hexes, and everything else that were PKing lvl 92s, and just about everything else.

In one cow game, there was a paly with like lvl 255 spells that just ran around with holy shock on...and all the cows would drop dead instantly. There was nothing for anyone to kill. Getting a barb's shouts that gave one 450,000 hp or so, was also rather...well different and not intended.

I have played all characters before, though I had the least luck with assasin. I ended up losing my necro gear however (the character expired), though in .06 or so...I had a necro that was able to practically solo Diablo hell dif at lvl 47. I say practically, because there was one barb there who just kept dieing, and spent more time in town then anywhere else :D I used a combo of minions, iron maiden (which wasn't nerfed then), and bone spirit. He didn't do so well in .08 though...and when I got an idea for a .08 necro, he expired with all his equip

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
I think I am level 84 now, got a few quests left to do then will prob start a new character so I can get some better skills this time around and then transfer my grandfather etc. so I can get it socketed.
Also need the ik armour :D - then I think I have all the best items in the game?

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
Nah, I always find that when you play with people you vaguely know its alot more fun as there is this kind of pseudo friendship and as a result much better team work.

I couldn't trust anyone with the items I have :)

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Yeah, one never knows with their items, and some peeps I've run into on b.net :)

btw, what can work (though there's still some risk involved if b.net deletes the game anyhow, or the servers experience problems) better then anonymously muling in a game where peeps might check the act one puts the stuff in; is to create a game, and keep it open for a fair amount of time. Then upon leaving (if the game was open long enough) the servers won't delete the game right away. It is then possible to rejoin it with another character.

For obvious reasons, I would test this each time before dropping any items to transfer. Only if the game is still there, and it doesn't look like the servers will remove it then, do I drop my items to mule of late.

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