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I have had nothing but back luck with Frontpage and DHTML. My wife uses it and she used to always ask me to add the code in because FrontPage code is so messy!

X-Istence's idea is good, but I would go a step further and close FP (once you save your changes) and edit the page in Notepad (or any text editor, not MS Word tho) to add in the code.


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Yeah, i want to be mod here so i have to give good answers.

Gonna be gone for 6 weeks thought, so i hope some of the people from X-Istence.com ( Speedy_B, Glaanieboy, geffy ) are gonna keep posting ;).

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you forgot me you little ****er... but then again the last time i actually helped someone on this site was about a year ago.

good call!

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