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DHCP server for wxp



I was wondering if there was a w2kas-esque dhcp server in windows xp pro or if there was a similar prog I could use like it..see friends and I lan and constantly having to go into tcp/ip settings and manually setting 192.168.0.x gets annoying and since most of them have broadband at home it would be easy if one of the machines just ran as a dhcp and assigned everyone addresses, anyone know how to do it?
Yes, you can use RRAS in XP.
Set "Routing and Remote Access Service" to Automatic, and click Start to run the service.

Then go to your Network Connections, and click Create a New Connection. Select "Set Up an Advanced Connection" in the wizard, and then, "Allow Incoming Connections" Follow through to the end of the wizard, and you should see a new "Incoming Connections" icon.

Right click it, click Properties, and go to the Networking tab. Double click TCP/IP, and you should see the option you want. You can set it to dynamically assign IPs to all computers connected to it using DHCP.

Hope that was what you were looking for. :)
Hmm...I'm not sure what you mean.
How are the computers connected to each other? Via a crossover cable? Using a hub/switch/router?


its a pair of hubs, one four port, one eight port. The four connects to the eight but the eight connects to nothing, I want the eight to connect to my computer

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