DFQ about DVD -/+R

why couldn't you burn music to a DVD +/-r and play it on a stand alone CD Player? Say for example you can put 4 Music CD's on one DVD. Are they formated once they are cut to just be read on a DVD. I was under that impression that software such as nero makes it able to read on a DVD.


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It has a lot to with the wavelenth of the light that burns or reads the disc. DVDs are capable of much more storage because they use a different wavelength (as well as a very different medium).


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There are many differences between cd's and dvd's. One, as mentioned above is wavelength of the laser. Another is the file system used. The most important is the modes of error correction that are different. You might find the howstuffworks website very interesting. There's too many related links to list them hear, just start by searching for "cd" and "dvd"