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Developers get first taste of Longhorn

After months of speculation, Microsoft plans to give developers their first hard look at Longhorn, the next version of Windows, in October.
The Redmond, Wash., company expects to roll out a "developers preview" of the new operating system at its PDC (Professional Developers Conference) in Los Angeles. Although it won't be a full beta, or test, version, Microsoft executives have promised it will be more than just "slideware," software that companies haven't been using and don't know when it's coming.
The company is expected to hand out a development kit that will give developers their first look at the inner workings of the much-heralded new operating system. Longhorn will usher in a raft of changes from previous versions of Windows.
In his Web log, Brad Abrams, a lead program manager involved with Microsoft's .Net initiative, said that developers will walk away with Longhorn code.
"If you are like me, you will not believe it until you see it in the bits," Abrams wrote. "Not only will you get to see some of the new look and feel (of the) stuff we are doing, but you will also get (a software development kit) and tools support for programming to the huge, new managed APIs that Longhorn offers."

Source: C | NET


Beware the G-Man
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What MicroSquish should do is clamp up (more secure) XP and roll THAT out as the new OS. "new and more secure"... kinda like "new and improved". ;)

Instead they have "Longhorn"... Ooooooo :mad: Wooopty do...

More bells and whistles that not everyone will use and more headaches than we have now. They are rollin out XP 64 soon, so why not shore it up and the hell with these so called "new" Operating Systems. It's not that their product is crap. It has many good if not great things in it, but...


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