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detonator 52.16 driver issues



I just installed these drivers, and they are being really stupid. I restarted my computer, and it reset all my desktop icons and icon names that i had change them to back to default, every time i restarted after changing them back it would do the same thing, anyone have any idea why or have the same problem?
Roll windows back to before you installed the drivers.

Drivers shouldn't have done this. Windows may have a bad driver install of the new ones.

After the rollback when you have everything cleaned up set a restore point so you can get back to that point painlessly.

Then use one of the detonator remover tools (rage3d or guru3d sites have them) to clean out all the old detonators and try a clean install of the new detonator. If it messes up again just go back tot the restore point.


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when installing nvidia drivers always uninstall the old ones first
delete the card from the device manager reboot in vga mode,let windows reinstall the card then install the new drivers


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if you read the pdf changelog on the nvidia site, you will see it lists the ti4400 as none compatable. try playing games and it should show itself up as the worst driver release since TI gf4's were released/


I am facing the same problem. tried to install the drivers after doing a chkdsk of drive. No go. Something is broken somewhere.
i agree the 52.16's do hav huge errors, Espiaclly wen Playin Maxpayne 2, however they do fix loads of Errors with Previous Drivers so it 50/50
another issue i noticed is that on the second display u cant select bitmaps as ur backgrounds on Jpegs, y this happens in the 52.16's n no others i dont know lol
Jeez, what is going on with the 52.16.

The tech review articles I saw said 52.16 was the first "good" Nvidia driver set since last winter.

I guess I'll stick with recommending the 41.09's.

PS Thank you Mr ATI...
dont get me wrong there good n have really high Perfomance gains too, o also dont Get the 52.70 Ones From MSI cos wen i did they were fine but wen Watchin Movies n Dvds wen u try n play the File Forward d Comp Hangs n u have to restart which is followed be XP saying that ur Geforce Card Caused the Crash, so just thought id warn u lol

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