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Detonator 43.45 Performance and Quality comparison


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this driver has been submitted for whql certification to m$

only problem is that people who have USED this driver set with their nv30's are reporting the same anomalies to an extent as with the disabled drivers for 3dmark testing by futuremark.. ie the drivers are still either forcing fixed integer or fp16... which is below dx9 spec..

looking @ the screen shots provided... you can clearly see the anomalies I am talking about :)

simply look @ the coloring of the sky... :)

as such... overall BENCHMARK numbers may well be higher... but whether or not this driver set is following specs... that is still to be decided...


for me, 41.09 is better than this new 43.45!
hmm... all new driver probably will be enhance for all those power graphic card!!!
i think i need to buy a new graphic card if i want to update new driver in future lo :D
I hate my graphic card :)

Kieran Zund

For me, 27.42 is MUCH better than the new 43.45. The new drivers keep dumping me back to the desktop in my favorite game, but the old ones work fine? :huh: :mad:


i dont really care about performance difference, just upgrade to the latest one. even if the is a performance increase ur not gonna notice it with ur eyes anyway, only throught benchmark.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Originally posted by Krux
well what is the sky suposed to look like? they all look like skys to me :) some just more overcast then others :p
the nature test has a feature called overbright... ie lots of color and brightness in the sky...

you will notice with the 2 optimized drivers... the sky is not rendered correctly... and the overall color is a little less than with the middle driver set which is the OFFICIAL nv30 driver :)

why is this? fingers point to lower color precision... dx9 specifies @ least fp24 precision AFAIK... v/s the apparent fp16 or fixed integer 12 nvidia's drivers apparently are forcing it down to in 3dmark03... :)

fyi... ati's r300 core does fp24 all the time.. regardless of situation... it does not fluctuate up and down.. it follows dx9 specs... hence why ati has WHQL drivers...

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