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Desktop Problem


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I'm playing around with active desktop, a la madmatt and Md, and i came across a strange occurence:

When i use tweakui to get rid of the recycle bin (there is a option to diplay it of not) my desktop get's rather odd. my background will not dispay. i will only see the colour that i have assigned to hide under my background. i also don't get to see anything that i have put on my active desktop. in this case menu's linking to programs, etc. does anyone know why this might be happening, and if so how to prevent it?

i know that i can have the recycle bin not show by going into the registy and changing values there, or by right clicking on my dtop and unchecking show dtop icons, but i would like to nip this in the bud using my origional plan of attack.

thanks in advance,



Dangerous tool for Windows XP"
Here's why it's dangerous for XP: (1) once installed, you may not be able to uninstall it through Control Panel, I have tried it on two different XP intalls (one upgraded from Win98SE, one brand new install), in both cases, I was unable to uninstall TweakUI from Control Panel, had to look at the .inf file and go through the registry to manually delete/restore XP's default settings. (2) Do not change the Folder locations under "My Computer" tab. If you do (like I did), TweakUI replaces Windows XP's defaults with ABSOLUTE folder paths. And you will not be able to revert back to factory defaults, which use parameterized values, such as "%USERPROFILE%\..." or "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\...", without manually editing XP's registry. (3) If you enabled "Log on automatically...", you may not be able to logon as someone else or as an Administrator. When TweakUI is installed and tweaked to your liking, you may not be able to log off or switch users, your only option is to power off the computer. Then when it starts next time, you get logged in automatically. (4) Some options under "General" Tab conflict with XP's "Performance Options" settings (right click on My Computer, Properties, ...). I have not figured out who overwrites who, etc. In summary, unless you can't live without a couple of features TweakUI provides (Xmouse, and no "Shortcut to..."), don't use it! Or better yet, find out how to get the tweaks you want without using TweakUI.


...will circle this city
yeah, that's not as much helping me as it is not helping me. i was asking if anyone knew what to do, not for opinions of Tewakui.

no offense intended


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Are there other icons you are trying to display, other than Recycle Bin? If not, there is an option to turn off all desktop icons:

Right click desktop
Arrange Icons By
Show Desktop Icons

A simple fix if you don't want any icons displayed, as I have done with my latest version.

If not, let me know and I'll look around.


Bow Down to the King
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Mmm. Try this.

User Configuration
Admin Templates
"Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop"
Right click



yeah, that's not as much helping me as it is not helping me. i was asking if anyone knew what to do, not for opinions of Tewakui.

no offense intended
I was only trying to tell you that TweakUI is bad for you comp.
WHY? cuz i care :D


...will circle this city
i'll give the gpedit option a try as soon as i get home (3 hrs or so) and i'll get back to you on that matt (thx in advance because it will probably work :) ).

if all else fails i think that i might just get the empty dent icon for it.

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