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Desktop Icons and WMP move around


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Its been awhile now that my desktop icons start moving around. One second i'll be looking at my desktop and after surfing the web for a bit i look back and their all over my desktop!

Also happens with windows media player... The window size will contract and get expanded out of nowhere when im not looking.

any help would be great :)


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it could be a desktop poltaguist of course. Or someone coming along and moving the icons when your away from your machine.

Or most likely a trojan or some other sort of malware coding.
i think it maybe a desktop poltaguist.

hey i reinstalled windows and right before formatting i noticed there was 8mb of unpartitioned space on C:. could there be a virus on there?

i know i didn't leave 8mb of free space on there.
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Welp, I have come to a surprising conclusion! for those who want to know...

My icons where moving around my desktop and now I know why!

I have been lowering my screen resolution lately to look at my photographs more closely. and when I raise it back - the icons stay in the same place when I resize it to my default size.

Fiddle sticks!!! :dead:


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i was about to say when your resolution changes large to small the icons move inside the viewable region and therefore when you resize small to large the icons remain in the new position and look "all over the place"



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I am getting this exact behaviour with NO CHANGES to resolution....

I have two heads up from a Radeon 9800 and believe that is a factor....

I have quite a "messy" desktop - my choice - and this is highly irritating - anyone any ideas? Might make a new thread for it, maybe even, but thought I'd bump this one first as the description fit almost to a T. By the way this only happens across reboots... I gotta fix this and I only just reformatted so I am NOT going down that road again...


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
madmatt said:
Windows Setup always leaves ~8MB of unpartitioned space.
Fair point, true, but makes me think that yes - shoulda started my own thread - anyways here's a last bump before I do so (because all I care about is if my desktop icons fly away to the left of my primary screen again without my permission!)

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