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Desktop HP Pavilion M8000, Frozen at HP Logo, PSU Beeping Sound


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Hi. My HP Pavilion Desktop wont boot. It is stock at the HP Logo and I can hear a beeping sound from the PSU not from the motherboard. I just replaced the 300W PSU to a new 600W PSU but the beeping sound still remains and still at frozen HP logo at startup.
I already tried cleaning and re-inserting all wires and memory modules but still has the problem.
What else could be wrong?
What does the beep sound from the PSU means?

Thank you.
PSU's don't beep the mainboard beeps. re-seat everything and see what happens. then strip it to bare bones and try again. Failing that contact HP support.


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Thanks for the feedback. I found out that my hdisk was the one making the sound. It is dead now, computer can't detect it, used 2 PC to check it. Tried also the freeze action and was not able to make it work. I will try to find a board online to see if i can fix it.


OSNN Senior Addict
Read Heads? Had you experienced that same problem before?
I am actually planning to get a hdisk with the same model so that i can replace the control board.

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