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I noticed the other day after installing Vista that the colors/brightness/contrast all look much better than in my Windows XP. I looked at my desktop color settings in the Nvidia control panel in WinXP and noticed that the settings were way different than they were in Vista. In vista they were all set at 50% (brightness, contrast, gamma) but in WinXP my brightness is at 35% and my gamma at 24% (and my display looks terrible that way). I tried setting the brightness and gamma up to 50% like I have in Vista, and the screen was so bright that everything was white. I went into Color Management and removed the two color profiles that were there, but that didn't seem to do anything. So I'm wondering what is making my screen so bright in WindowsXP and how do I fix it? No matter how I adjust the color settings through the Nvidia control panel, I can't get my colors and brightness to look right. If Vista looks great on the same computer/monitor, the problem must be with some setting or file in WindowsXP somewhere.
well I was just comming here to post something of this sort.
Did you ever play with the Nvidia display optimisation wizard?
You should try setting everything to default and starting over.

Now i'am going to start my thread that i wanted to post. concerning and BETTER display optimization tool that can help us calibrate or screens properly.
Yeah I tried the display optimization wizard. Sadly that didn't help either. Thank you for the suggestion though!

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