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Dent icon problem... Please help!


I'm Beginning Somehow...
I don't understand what I am doing wrong.... I followed " o 87 " tutorial on how to create some other dent icons and the ones that I make all look like crap...... Check the attached file and tell me why they look so bad compared to ones I downloaded from the net... Grrrrr... I don't Understand :confused: :confused:


OSNN Veteran Original
that used to happen to me, i followed the tutorial exactly but it always turned out to be like that. dammit i hate that!


Without knowing what software/methods you used (too lazy to read or find the tutorial), it looks like the Layer containing the "background" was hidden.

That's in Photoshop anyway...


I'm Beginning Somehow...
Hmmm... As far as I can tell they are all visable. And yes I am using Adobe Photoshop 6 and Gif Movie Gear ..... Just as o_87 was using..... Or so he said! :) Sigh! Anyone else got any ideas why the outer ring of the one I created is so much different then the ones you can download off the web? Cheers!

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