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Dell Audio Driver Problem...

I called Dell about an audio problem I'm having with my girlfriend's new Dell Dimension 3000. Her sound recently has become very distorted and lagged out almost it sounds like. It doesn't matter what music player she uses or how much cpu usage there is. It doesn't happen through the full song but at random intervals. This problem also occurs when the pc first boots into windows and the intro sound for windows XP plays and again it's all distorted.

The reason I'm here is because this dude I was talkin too I felt didn't know his a** from a hole in the ground. Anyway that's my opinion. So I'm here.

She uses a Legacy Audio Driver. There is no uninstall option when you right-click it in the Device Manager. How do I go about uninstalling or just plain updating to the latest driver for her Dell pc?


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I have the same problem; it started happening a few days ago, when I tried to listen to songs in Winamp while moving files around on my computer...after that, no matter what I played, video or audio files, the sound would become distorted at the start of the file, and the randomly throughout the whole thing.

I have downloaded and installed the driver posted by zeke_mo, but this still doesn't fix my problem...I also ran the Dell Dimensions Resource CD, searched for the Legacy Audio Drivers updates, and couldn't find one.

So does anybody have another solution for this? Thanks in advance!


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It may actually be a hardware problem. It may or may not help, but try updating the BIOS. Also, if there is a dialup modem that might be a problem. Try removing the cable on the modem that says "TAD-IN" that somehow messes up the sound card. Let me know if this helps :)


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problems solved!

after 2-3 hoursmof intense help from dell, their final solution was to reload my xp os and start over, something i did not want to do

so after 2 weeks of looking and visiting forums, i found this and it worked perfectly. Keep in mind , my problems were exactly like you have discribed. i was so excited , i felt compelled to come back and post the solution!!!!

watch your head as you jump for joy.
After reading, you are probably thinking, what the heck does a ide driver have to do with my audio distortion? who knows , but this works

:) Bainmeister:

There is a popular problem with the audio for Dell's.
I'm not sure HOW this problem came to be but a possible solution is found.
Well, atleast this worked for me and I have been searching for this kind of solution for about 2 weeks now.

Problem: Audio stuttering, distortion, lagginess, etc. etc.

Solution: (Using Windows XP)
- Right click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware Tab > Device Manager
- Extend the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers group
- Right click on Primary IDE and hit Uninstall
- Reboot the computer, the Primary IDE drivers will re-install themselves after you reboot.
- Go back to the Device Manager and extend the same group again.
- Right click on Primary IDE Channel and go to Properties > Advanced Settings tab.
- Make sure that both Device's Modes are on "DMA if available".
- Anyways, by this time, my sound was working flawlessly.
I had a similar problem with my old 845PE mobo (GA-8PE667 Ultra). The sound would randomly cut out completely, then come back. It turned out to be an IRQ conflict, which is probably what you are seeing here.

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