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Deleting All Calendar Items


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Does anyone know an easy way to clear my outlook 2003 calendar of all items? I use my PDA with my work Lotus Notes and I accidently synchronized with my home outlook. Now all my work calendar entries are bugging me at home with reminders--I would just like the calendar to be blank at home.

Dont think there is an option in Outlook 2003 to do this... just had a quick look at my own but cant see anything unfortunately.
If you dont use Outlooks functions any further than for downloading email, Thunderbird is a better option (I've converted to Thunderbird myself but still have Outlook installed although not in use). If you do though, you could do the following:
Create a new mailbox, move the content you want to keep from the old mailbox into the new one. Make your emails download into the new mailbox and delete the original one. Other than that... no ideas, sorry!


There is no answer!
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the only way i can think off is to export all the stuff you need like emails contacts etc..

then delete the account, then import the stuff again, without importing the calender.

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