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Deleted wrong account



I deleted the wrong account on my computer ( the account that i knew the password on!) And whenever i log on using Logonui, i get some account that i have never seen and it asks for a password that i did not set. Ive gone through everything that i can think of short of reformat (which i would like to avoid at all costs :( . I would appreciate any help you can give me.
What account is that, specifically? Does it even have a password... will it allow you to log in without typing in a password?


i have no idea, it states my full name. I have to imput a password, it wont let me anyfurther.
Well, at the logon screen hit ctrl+alt+del twice and bring up the classic logon window. Type in the user name "Administrator" and that password and go in and set things right.


LOL, your right, i wont do that again. I did as you said, but the password doesnt appear to work. I type it one key at a time, yet it still wont let me in. I type in Admin and try it, no luck. i type in administrator, still no luck. any more ideas?


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When you first installed XP as part of the setup it gave you the option of setting up multiple accounts. If you only setup one account and used a password on that account then the Administrator account has that same password. If you setup multiple accounts then the Administrator password is the same as the password for the first user account that you setup. Dont forget that all passwords are case sensitive. If you didn't setup a password initially then the Administrator password should be blank. This assumes that you or someone else didn't go in and later set a password for the Administrator account. If you log in as Administrator you should be able to delete any of the user accounts that you want to.


Hey, guys thanks for the help. I tried everything, yet i still cant even log on as Admin to clear things out. I dont know the admin password apperantly b/c i used every password that i use, even some old ones. Time to reformat and reinstall i guess:mad: !



i managed to find a program that will reset the password through a boot floppy. I ended up editing the password withought knowing the original. I loaded up xp under admin and did a system restore and everything is cool once again. NO WAY in hell was i going to give in and do a damn reformat.
Thanks for all of your help.


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hey venom whats the name of the prog or the url...good utility to have thought that was the whole deal with the ctrl-alt-del logon...


when u get to welcome screen hit ctrl-alt-del twice... then log in as administrator - if you didn't give it a password when you initially installed the system don't type anything in the password box and log in

then create a new account and remember the password u give it... or don't give it one at all... also you can change the password of the other account to something you know..

if you gave the admin a password and don't know it, there are other things u can do, like find a password cracker or hash generator, but that is kind of alot of work..

once again, there is the old enevidable - clean install

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