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I am having difficulty when starting up my computer. My computer appears to have finished loading(there is no grinding RAM sound), but the Norton AntiVirus 2002 icon still has an "X" over it, meaning that it is disabled. After about a minute or two. It gets unchecked and everything starts working. I know that "Explorer" is the last process to pop up, and I may also add that I am part of a small network ( a total of 3 computers), one of which is using Windows 98SE, the other Windows Millennium. What do I do in order to bypass this annoying delay??
ive been having the same problem. Most of the time the delay is only about 10-15 seconds, but sometimes it is about a minute or more. Maybe it has something to do with NAV2002?? Right after i ran live update yesterday(it installed a program update as well as the dat update) and I rebooted, it took about 1.5 minutes after the desktop appeared to finish booting
i have the same exact problem and am using NAV 2002 w/ WINXP PRO

well i found that mine delays for about 5 seconds topz

if your using broadband , try inputting an IP in TCP/IP protocol for your network card(u may have to ask your tech support ppl)

also run a program called BOOTVIS which is available on XP-Erience (look under Boot up Speed Guide)
yeah....i think it has a lot to do with network settings

im on cable.......when im using cable it delays about 5-10 seconds

when im on my home network (seperate network......both use DHCP) it delays about 40 seconds

having static ips might fix it, but i have to use DHCP for my cable provider

ill try bootvis
i have cable and no slow boot up here.... if i was gonna give any suggestions try and turn off the anti-virus from starting automatically, put it on manually. I always found that anti virus slowed down the boot up times....
most ISPs require you to use DHCP but that doesnt mean u have to on your network. You can disable DHCP on your router/hub(read your manual) and configure each computer's static IP adress, gateway, etc. Each computer on your LAN will have a static adress but your router/hub will still be dynamic in relation to the cable modem and your ISP. Using a static IP may speed it up. And the grinding sound is your hard drive.
i'm not completely sure whats going on here, but i think i can remember a thread a while back regarding xp sometimes being really slow at detecting pcs on the network or indeed discovering the network at all - specially ones that are running different os's.
you may like to check the networking threads and see if you can find it.
i imagine that while the NAV executable starts ok, the actual NAV system service is one of the last ones to be started so i wonder if it could be something before that point holding it up (ie another system service).

sorry i can't vouch for or against NAV 2002 cos i don't have it but at least you have another option to explore.

I've seen various posts and threads online about people with slow-boot problems, but need confirmation as to if what I'm experiencing is the same thing. I've done a few XP Pro installs, most recently onto a cleanly formatted NTFS partition. While the system boots up fast as far as loading and the OS appearing, I get an inexplicable delay afterward. After the "hourglass mouse" disappears and hd activity has ceased, I have found that I am unable to run any apps (Even stuff as simple as getting the properties of "my computer" and opening the login dialog box of my PPPoE dsl connection) for 30-60+ seconds afterward. (Windows Explorer seems unaffected by this.) Even when no other software has been installed. It becomes more easily detectable once Norton Systemworks and other system-tray-resident items are installed. I can tell the system is finally "really" up once when the rest of my system tray icons suddenly appear and apps/items I'd double-clicked a minute prior finally open. Some of you here have already experienced the red-X on antvirus there for a while, so you know what I mean. But since I was having these issues even before Norton AV 2002 was on, I'm wondering if this is the same boot issue, or something weird? Any help would be appreciated. Here are my system specs:

Abit TH7-II Raid mobo w/ P4 1.9Ghz
Asus 8200 Pure GeForce3 Ti 200
Creative Dxr3 decoder card
Ceative Sound Blaster Audigy
3Com nic (configured by XP; I didn't install a driver)
80gb Western Digital hd (primary master)
40gb Maxtor hd (primary slave)
8gb IBM hd (secondary master)
Creative PC-DVD (secondary slave)
LiteOn 24x10x40 CDRW (prim. master of 3rd ide chain)
Parallel Zip 100

I suspect something to do with the hardware or some processes initializing, but know not what. All devices function normally with latest drivers and no conflicts. Earlier configurations had the same issues, even with ide devices rearranged on their chains. As mentioned, XP was doing this before a single application was installed. This is a pure annoyance more than anything else. Thank you very much. Note: I have not yet tried bootvis nor trying to boot with the nic or other hardware removed from the system.
disbale the workstation service and all should be good :)
Thank you VERY much, AmarSingh. You were absolutely right, and I see why it worked after doing some more research on your answer. I'll spread the word, because I know some folks at who'd be very appreciative to get this fixed for themselves as well. Thanks again! :D

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