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Default domain profiles

Electronic Punk

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Having been restricted on what more I can do with my RIS image version of XP on the corporate network I shifted my attention to the users default profiles - the first time they had been updated since 2003; when we used Windows 2000

They got a custom background colour to minimise the flicker between the one shown on the logon screen (stored in the .default which is incidentally not the default user), added a stand in wallpaper (in case the user logging on did not fall into a category that gets one forced on by a gpo - broken down by region so they get their relevent tech support number), pre-configured outlook 2003/2007, my computer on the desktop -- all the tweaks i previously added via a logon script in vbs. Basically all good stuff and things you would want in on a client...

...but not a server. Is there any way that I can stop servers lookining in NETLOGON for the default user?

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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Reverted the default user to the windows classic theme as it looked so bad on a Windows 2000 Server and took off a few of the tweaks (which are ultiamately applied in the GPO anyway) and all is well -- even threw in a few server tweaks as well (ie getting rid of the damn welcome message etc.)

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