Deductive Reasoning


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Deductive Reasoning

A man just moved to a new house and while unpacking his belongings a neighbor sees him and decides to introduce himself.

Neighbor 1: "So your our new neighbor, huh?"

New Neighbor: "Yep"

Neighbor 1: "So what do you do for a living?"

New Neighbor: "Well I'm a professor of deductive reasoning at the university"

Neighbor 1: "Deductive Reasoning? What's that?"

New Neighbor: "Well, let me show you. I see you have a doghouse, therefore I deduce you have a dog"

Neighbor 1: "Sure do"

New Neighbor: "From that, I deduce that you have children"

Neighbor 1: "Yep, two of them"

New Neigbor: "From that I deduce you have a wife"

Neighbor 1: "Uh huh"

New Neighbor: "And from that I deduce that you're a heterosexual"

Neighbor 1: "You got that right"

New Neighbor: "And that is deductive reasoning"

Neighbor 1: "Cool"

Later that day Neighbor 1 runs into Neighbor 2.

Neighbor 2: "I saw you talking to our new neighbor"

Neighbor 1: "Yeah, and he sure has a interesting job"

Neighbor 2: "Oh yeah? What does he do?"

Neighbor 1: "He's a professor of deductive reasoning at a university"

Neighbor 2: "Deductive Reasoning? Whats that?"

Neighbor 1: "Well let me show you. Do you have a doghouse?"

Neighbor 2: "No"

Neighbor 1: "FAG!"

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