Dead Sony


Arte et Marte
23 Dec 2002
Wonder if anyone can advise? I have done bits & pieces on various PC's, and even built my current P4 from scratch with lots of help & advice from you chaps.

Current problem is my friend brought his beastie round - it was working okay, but crashed whilst he was out the room, so no clues there.
When you switch it on, the PSU starts up as normal, and the CPU fan starts spinning - but there is no other obvious thing happening. The monitor displays 'no signal input' as there is nothing comming out of the PC (have checked monitor)
I suppose it could be either Mobo or CPU (I have done the usual checks on loose wires etc) - is there a quick (?) way of determining which item 'may' be faulty - so I can retain what little street cred I have?
Sony PCV- rx301
Mobo A7S266-VX
AMD 1800+ (1.53 (Ghz)
SIS740 Graphics

In anticipation :eek:


Nissan Powered
6 Apr 2002
take every thing out cept cpu ram video card then switch each one of those things with a known working one first ram, then video, (hopfully its one of those 2) then cpu. if you still get nothing its the mobo that has gone south, RMA it and get a new one :)

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