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22 Oct 2006
So this morning i got up, got breakfast and went to turn on my pc

an ugly image of "no boot media detected" or something like that greeted me

tried restarting thinking something got messed up in the bios but an even nastier surprise awaited for me... the hard disk is gone from my sata devices list!

i dont know what the hell happened.. yesterday it was workin perfectly, not a single error
and today is gone... plus its only 5 months old :S

does anyone know any way to fix it, or at least get some of my data back? (at least my school works would be good)

i wanna give it a try on my own.. i've called a few "pro" data retrievers and it costs more than 500$, and most likely they have to open it, which would void the warranty (so i gotta add an extra drive to that)
if its not showing up in the device list the first thing to check is all the cables are firmly attached. If that doesn't achieve anything and you have spare replacement cables swap them over.

If that doesn't work: Congratulations its dead as a door nail :D
damn, u're both right

it is one of those and it seems to be as dead as they get
im gonna beg the guys where i got it if they can fix it instead of replacing it, but i won't hold my breath
doubt they'll be able to fix it. the Seagate 7200.11 drives have been plagued by failure, which Seagate denied at first, then promptly released a firmware update for. Sadly i don't think the firmware will be able to be updated if the drive isn't even detectable.

Don't feel bad. I had a 7200.11 drive die just over a month after i got it. And this was MONTHS before Seagate mentioned anything. Think it was back around early '08 that my drive kicked the bucket out of nowhere. i had next to no warning.
yeah.. after ur previous post i did some digging and found that its everywhere, and seems to be unfixable

i just hope i get a bug-free one in return.. or ill try to update firmware first thing
but im also getting an external hd for backups.. and from WD, lol, no more seagate
yea.. speakin of which

i got a replacement today
model # and firmware seem to be the ones that eventually die... but if i check the serial number on the site it says i dont need to update the firmware
should i risk doing it? or should i risk trusting them?

now i wish i would've gotten a WD.. like always :/
some people have had issues with the firmware - i would suggest taking it back and getting a different one, you may have to spend a few $$ more but at least you will have piece of mind :)

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