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DDR 400, when i set my bios to say the ram is ddr400 and it is, it does not boot!!!



I have 2 sticks of Kingmax DDR 400 2.5 cas 256mb, i think they could be behind alot of crashes whilst playing games. So I went into the bios to have a look around, and noticed the ddr setting was on auto. I thought, this doesnt need to be on auto as I know what type they are. It gave me three choices, ddr266, 333 or 400. Obviously I selected 400 cos thats what my ram is. Then it won't boot. It will after boot reseting the bios of course but then it is back on auto.

Any1 think this is dodgy? Maybe i got skanked with the ram, maybe its just an issue with the ram/mobo (although the ram module is on the compatability list from the mobo manufacturer).

Mobo: Gigabyte 7VAXP
Updating your BIOS could possibly help this. If not, maybe you need to tinker with RAM voltage ( I myself don't know ) or maybe you got screwy RAM.

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Have a look at DocMemory (freeware). It might be able to tell you what your memory really is. Some people have been know to restamp memory sticks. At any rate it will test your memory.


thanks guys but I don't have a floppy drive, so I definately can't boot from one, and the bios does not have an update. Know of any ram id software than you can run in windows xp?

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