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Ddr 2100 Ram



Im trying to get my hands on some good RAM.. because i have my AMD Athlon XP 1900 shipping soon...

why does some of the ram says.. 2100 DDR RAM ECU
And alot of the others say no ECU ?

what is ECU?.. whats the difference with one with no ECU?

and what brand of RAM would you recommend... please let me know.. just need some advise, for you Athlon XP'ers out there.



Prodigal Son
If you don't have ads blocked, you will see a Crucial banner at the top. Support our site and use it. :) Not only can you buy ram but you can read up on different types.


thank u

Thanks, good website for RAM... however im still wondering about the ECU thing,....

anyone else?:rolleyes:


hardware monkey
instead of ECU, i think you mean ECC. ECC memory has a parity for error checking. you really don't need ECC nemory unless you are running a server or something. 95% of computers out there have non-ECC memory.


yup crucial very reliable

others to consider tho:
corsair, ocz, mushkin

i like the corsair now tho...used crucial exclusively before with no problems.....



hey taurus.. thanks.. yes i meant ECC... i was at work.. very bored.. so i missed spelled... thanks for answereing .. and for spell cheking me.. hehhe:D

............if so.. then non ECC... or ECC whatevers cheaper !!
i got ecc ram in my comp
dun ask y
came wid it :p
bought 2 more sticks of 128 both ecc
i think price was the same for ecc and non-ecc
you may want to stick with non-ecc tho
because its a little faster at doin the actual work...not having to check everythin n all
n u probably dont need ecc anyways


hardware monkey
you're quite welcome, kucoloco. }:>

and desimatrix007 is right... ecc is effectively 11% slower because it uses 9 bits per byte instead of 8 like non-ecc memory. the extra bit is for error-checking and won't come in handy unless you have multiple gigs of memory or are running a high-end server all the time.
Well aren't the 9 bits parallell as the 8 bits normally are? Why should they be serial? If they are parallell there is no differnce in speed. Where did you find this info?


hardware monkey
here's my loose explanation... bear with me...

the memory interface only has so much throughput. for instance, 266mhz memory runs at 266,000,000 cycles per second. so if it's in ecc mode and using 9 bits per byte, less amount of bytes would be exchanged than if they were only 8 bits (non-ecc). they are not parrallel, in that the extra bit is sent somewhere on the side. it's more like these bits are doing a congo line to and from the northbridge.

i can't find a site to explain this. someone posted one a while back but i can't find that thread.


thanks guys !

i apreciate the help again.. you guys have been very helpful... now i'll go DDR RAM shopping.:p


hardware monkey
well, he never did specify his mobo model number or anything. and if a mobo supports 333mhz drr (pc2700), then it will support 266mhz (pc2100) also. not sure about anything lower.

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