DCOM Server Process.....


13 Jan 2004
So im getting this error:

"generic host process win32 has encountered a problem and needs to be terminated..."

i click don't send error report and i get the automatic shutdown message and it says its due to:

DCOM Server Process Launcher Terminated Unexpectedly

I ran virus checks -before- this began to happen. i found a trojan called prunnet.exe, my av was able to delete everything expect the .exe, so i deleted it myself. i think it has to do with this since this is that last weird thing to happen to my system before the dos started happening..maybe like 4-6 hours afterwards. i also disconnected the cable and a window pops up after the computer starts, maybe like 3-5 minutes into it, that asks me if i want to work offline since theres no connection to the internet and i believe...its trying to open a window. any help would be appreciated.

also the details from the win32 termination screen says:

svchost (szappver 5.1.2600.5512) ntdll.dll (szappver 5.1.2600.5514)
also im running winxp sp3

another update: i google'd this problem, and someone recommended hitting f8 and turning off automatic restart. i did that and the problem seems to go away, but i know i still got something because that little damn box comes up and asks me if i want to work offline. its been up for about 30 minutes so far.

another...update: thats a NEGATIVE on the problem going away...the box still comes up and it still forces the shutdown even though i disabled automatic shutdown.
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13 Jan 2004
no fix for this? damn, alright. also i was using bitdefender....and i thought i was pretty good, now that this happened i kinda want to switch av. i hear good things about kaspersky, nod32, and avg. so out of those...which would be like lowest on resources but most protection...i guess the best one haha.

also just making sure..this would only effect windows system files yea? so lets say i have another harddrive with only music and pictures...theres no way that would like spread to my media harddrive right?

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