DC (The Best???)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by NightHawk_450, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. NightHawk_450

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    Who here likes DC (Direct Connect) the best....In comparison to other peer to peer file sharing progs....I think it is....you find a good hub, and they set you for life!!!! The beauty of it all..................
  2. Gouk

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    When I saw the thread name I thought you were talking about the DreamCast :D
  3. robin.munro

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    It has the best stuff....

    But people are too greedy, they disconnect you all the time, you can only download a file from one source at a time... and because of this if you want anything you have to sit up all night with it.

    If you want anything you have to really fight for it!

    The only good thing that makes it work is that hubs force you to share.

    It seriously needs upgraded......

    At least with Kaz I can go to bed and wake up to a new film (even if it is guaranteed not to be the one it is named as!!!) :mad:
  4. Gouk

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    You cant beat the good old NewsGroups, second only to FTPs (non-ratio) which are the best! ;)
  5. ssj4conejo

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    Dc Sucks

    Well to me Direct Connect sucks, it is a good client and has people who really share (unlike kazaa and other p2ps) But theres one big thing that makes this suck, basically if u dont have atleast like 20 gb shared you cant get into any good hubs. Some hubs require 70gb!! Thats just insane for sharing. If you want to get stuff fast, i really recomend Mirc or IRc clients. DOn't go to those cheap #warez rooms, there always too many leechers, try to find the trading rooms in which you share but you will get 0-day stuff in return. Sorry for my pirate terms but its just the truth. Mirc is alot more user friendly and you dont need to be sharing your whole hard drive to get files.