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Data Recovery?


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Well for some reason my user account in Windows XP was being weird so I had to delete it. I saved all my emails, documents and etc except for 'one' single folder which is usually on my desktop. It had my latest graphics work, and now I have lost it. :(

Is there anyway I can get it back, or recover it?

Thanks in advance for any kind of help. :)


Beware the G-Man
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Usually when you delete a user account (you being logged in as Administrator) XP will ask you if you want to save the users files that could be profiles or what not. I think if you had any folders on yer desktop under yer user account (the one that you deleted) it would ask to save it/them. I remember this from dealing with one of my daughter's computers (her user account was pooped to shiit, had ta kill it :p). Did XP ask to save anything? If so, did ya look inside the folder? Maybe it got saved.

Yeah I read that you saved some things. But I izz assuming that you did on yer own.

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