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Define 'Cynical'
Heh, my first day back and I already stumbled upon something. While modifying my signature and avatar Opera popped up a rather interesting download dialogue box for xp-cydoor-728.swf (screenshot). After doing a little research on Kaspersky it may be no more than just a hoax (search results) but just thought I'd post it up so you all are aware of it.


Bow Down to the King
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I can honestly say that your issue is not related to this site. Have you scanned your computer to make sure it is malware free?


Define 'Cynical'
Yes and the only thing that anything comes up with is the file cache as a potential security risk (oh noes, someone knows what I typed in run). I know it's not my machine. I was placing blame on the ads, not the site in particular.


Define 'Cynical'
Update: It's definately the ad system but which ones exactly I'm not sure.

Update 2: After a little more research it turns out to be related to the "Hoax.SWF.Alerter.a" which lancer found on his machine in this thread. Unfortunately, a Google search turns up nothing useful except for HijackThis! log files. But it looks like it installs itself and loads a bunch of pop-ups *joy*.
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