cyclic redundancy error and cd drives



im trying to copy some avi files off some dvdr discs i have but i keep getting cyclic redundancy errors this morning i installed a ata card 2 add extra ports so i could install 2 different dvd drives to experiment but im still getting the same errors ive looked in control panel and checked my dvd drives and they r both detected as scsi even though they r ide drives whats wierd was when i had just the single ide dvd drive plugged into the mboard that was detected as scsi as well i do have a scsi cd writer was wondering if that had anything to do with it???
find enclosed a jpeg of my drive setup
thnx in advance


hardware monkey
raid controllers will be listed as scsi controllers in device manager... and drives hooked up to those raid controllers will be listed as scsi drives.

as to why you're getting cyclic redundancy errors is probly due to a bad dvdr or drive. try making the dvdr again.